Teatro Lounge Bar


Teatro Lounge Bar is one of the favourite and most popular downtown hangouts in Rijeka. Situated literally a few steps across the magnificent building of Croatian Theatre of Ivan pl. Zajc, it brings together past and present spirit of the city.

Elegant and versatile place, offering great service

During the day Teatro Lounge Bar and its terrace make a perfect place for leisure and those long pleasant coffee breaks. As the sun sets down, it becomes a site of many attractive nightlife events, accompanied by the sounds of deep, soulful and vocal house.

Guests can choose among a great variety of carefully chosen wines, beers, liquors and cockatiels, natural juices and beverages.

Perfect place for events and encounters

Teatro Lounge Bar is favourite place for having a drink before or after the latest theatre show. It is frequented by both visitors and Rijekans from many walks of life, as it often hosts many interesting art and entertainment events.

Afterhours parties, dance performances, DJ nights, artists' panels, fashion events, various thematic evenings and much more. As soon as it opened, Teatro Lounge Bar became one of the indispensable Rijeka nightlife spots.

Glamour of theatre and the comfort of living room

Teatro Lounge Bar succeeds in a seemingly impossible task: joining all the glamour and drama of theatre and all the comfort of a living room. Its design is an attractive and funky fusion of industrial details such as old untreated oak wood, original iron fixtures and Istrian stone with elegant furniture, modern fireplace and luxury-feel booths.

Bar’s design is a work of Rijeka-based Ivona Brnelić, while the logo is creation of Juraj Zigman, an acclaimed Croatian fashion designer.

Teatro Lounge Bar staff and owner believe perfect service and playful creativity of theatre can and must go hand in hand, remaining true to the spirit of TEATRO maxim: Life is a theatre!